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Christmas message

Can I skip giving cards and presents this year and just post a Christmas message on social media, or is that rude?

Being in lockdown means I’m not likely to see many of my friends over the Christmas period. I usually buy them a small gift and get the a card. Do you think it’s OK just to send a generic Christmas message on social media this year? It would save me both time and money, and I won’t be there to see the disappointment on people’s faces.

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Grumpy old man

I have become a grumpy old man. How can I get back to being the thigh slapping, fun guy I used to be?

I used to be a happy go lucky sort of person that laughed a lot. Now I’ve become a grumpy old man who rants about people, things and life in general. I’ve noticed that people who used to hang around with me are hiding away. I worry that even post lockdown I’ll still be alone in a room, reading the Racing Post and shouting at the TV. How can I become fun again?

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