January 25, 2021

Category: Ask Marvin

Advice and guidance from our life coach

Christmas message

Can I skip giving cards and presents this year and just post a Christmas message on social media, or is that rude?

Being in lockdown means I’m not likely to see many of my friends over the Christmas period. I usually buy them a small gift and get the a card. Do you think it’s OK just to send a generic Christmas message on social media this year? It would save me both time and money, and I won’t be there to see the disappointment on people’s faces.

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Grumpy old man

I have become a grumpy old man. How can I get back to being the thigh slapping, fun guy I used to be?

I used to be a happy go lucky sort of person that laughed a lot. Now I’ve become a grumpy old man who rants about people, things and life in general. I’ve noticed that people who used to hang around with me are hiding away. I worry that even post lockdown I’ll still be alone in a room, reading the Racing Post and shouting at the TV. How can I become fun again?

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Social distancing relaxation cleaning

Social distancing relaxation means friends are now coming to my house. Should I clean it before they arrive?

Since lockdown I have taken the opportunity not to clean my house. Now with social distancing relaxation, all of a sudden 5 friends want to visit my garden. This means they’ll need to walk through my house and maybe even use my toilet. Should I clean before they arrive, or leave them bleach and wipes to save myself a job?

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Ghosting people,

Since lockdown I have been ghosting people I don’t like. How should I deal with seeing them again?

When lockdown started I began ghosting people i didn’t like. I pretended my internet connection was really poor, and I never looked at my phone, so I couldn’t join in the social-media-zoom frenzy. Now they’re relaxing lockdown, should I go back to being smiley and pleasant when I see them, or continue to cut them out of my life?

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Ask Marvin

I have to decide who to have in my Coronavirus social bubble. Do you think my family would mind if they’re not in it?

As social distancing relaxes, we’re now being asked to consider setting up a Coronavirus social bubble with other people. I’m quite excited by the options of who I could choose. However I’m a bit bored of my family after six weeks, so I’m wondering whether I should ditch them and bubble with some different people?

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Ask Marvin

I’m fat from too many Christmas mince pies and alcohol. Should I do a dry January to improve my health or is it a waste of time?

I have eaten and drunk to excess over the Christmas period, and am now having trouble squeezing back into my suit. I need to lose a couple of pounds, and am surrounded by people talking about dry or “damp” Januaries. Should I join this sober party, or continue with my life of excess?

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