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Redundant midlife, can it cause a midlife crisis or is it ok to be unemployed in middle age
Redundant midlife – the start of a midlife crisis or opportunity?

I was made redundant in middle age. That is, when I was fifty and I’m hoping to live to 100. However it wasn’t the first time I had been let go.

The previous times I had joked that if only I was fifty I would retire to spend my time at home watching TV. It had seemed a long way off.

This time when it happened my views had changed. Yes my body was giving out a bit, but surely there was more to life than being sat in front of a TV as a redundant middle aged man. I wanted to carry on working and keep some sort of social life.

I started scouting for roles, but people weren’t queuing up to employ middle aged men who were more of a dementia risk than a blank slate.

I looked around for people with similar experiences, but found the reports lacking.

How to avert a midlife crisis when made redundant midlife….

Therefore I started this blog to share, learn and to reduce the amount of cake I ate by keeping myself busy. I felt that if I got a new hobby, it would keep me positive at a time when people said I should be miserable.

It’s a tale of middle aged madness, work (or not), health and mental issues, and just some random musings from the past. I was going to make up the stories like The Daily Mash which I truly appreciate, until I realised that much of what we do is equally bizarre.

When I was made redundant midlife people told me I should start a business, do charity work, take photos or get a dog. Possibly this is the first step to all those, but was the easiest to achieve from the comfort of my home. If anyone has any ideas on the other three then please let me know.

Anyway, this has made it to the Top 100 midlife blogs at least, which is a start for all of us looking to share those midlife stories.

Contact us at: marvin@redundantmidlife.co.uk

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