January 25, 2021

Latest Posts from Redundant Midlife

Christmas message

Can I skip giving cards and presents this year and just post a Christmas message on social media, or is that rude?

Being in lockdown means I’m not likely to see many of my friends over the Christmas period. I usually buy them a small gift and get the a card. Do you think it’s OK just to send a generic Christmas message on social media this year? It would save me both time and money, and I won’t be there to see the disappointment on people’s faces.

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Grumpy old man

I have become a grumpy old man. How can I get back to being the thigh slapping, fun guy I used to be?

I used to be a happy go lucky sort of person that laughed a lot. Now I’ve become a grumpy old man who rants about people, things and life in general. I’ve noticed that people who used to hang around with me are hiding away. I worry that even post lockdown I’ll still be alone in a room, reading the Racing Post and shouting at the TV. How can I become fun again?

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cool cocktails and ice cubes

Ice, ice baby. Summer’s here and the time is right…for cool cocktails and novelty ice cubes

Summer’s here and the time is right. Lockdown could be coming to an end, the sun is still shining, and we’re all feeling a little happier. Although the time may not be right for dancing in the street just yet, it is the time for making and shaking some cool cocktails and ice cubes to match.

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