Tea and cake, the building blocks of a new business

Or how one man’s tea and cake passion became a hobby and then a business opportunity with an online business specialising in cake molds – Moldyfun

I love making tea and eating cake. I have even been complemented on my tea making ability. Unfortunately I’ve yet to be complemented on my cake making ability, but that may yet come. For the time being I’ll stick to having it and eating it.

Online business building – tea and cake involved!

tea and cake under pin new business venture called Moldyfun
Moldyfun’s exclusive cake molds

In a bid to make good use of my time off work due to redundancy, a friend asked me to help with his online business. I wasn’t that interested, until he explained that at its core were exclusive silicone cake moulds, and part of the role would be engaging people to create the cakes. All of a sudden I could see new opportunities.

The Moldyfun business

So I decided to support the business, and my love of tea and cake. So read on for an insight into developing the existing online business called Moldyfun. Moldyfun is an online retailer of unique and novelty party products, underpinned by exclusive cake molds. Or moulds, depending on your spelling preference.