January 25, 2021

Tag: coronavirus life impact

Social distancing relaxation cleaning

Social distancing relaxation means friends are now coming to my house. Should I clean it before they arrive?

Since lockdown I have taken the opportunity not to clean my house. Now with social distancing relaxation, all of a sudden 5 friends want to visit my garden. This means they’ll need to walk through my house and maybe even use my toilet. Should I clean before they arrive, or leave them bleach and wipes to save myself a job?

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Ghosting people,

Since lockdown I have been ghosting people I don’t like. How should I deal with seeing them again?

When lockdown started I began ghosting people i didn’t like. I pretended my internet connection was really poor, and I never looked at my phone, so I couldn’t join in the social-media-zoom frenzy. Now they’re relaxing lockdown, should I go back to being smiley and pleasant when I see them, or continue to cut them out of my life?

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