Redundant Midlife Tea Break and Shopping

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It’s tea break time. Read about cakes, baking and other tat before you shop at the Moldyfun store.

Latest Tea and Cake Posts:


BUY NOW! Redundant Midlife (via brings you the things you didn’t know you wanted. So while you’re tucking into something as part of your tea break, see what else you might be able to buy…

Cake Moulds to meet all your needs (we’re having a break from the other stuff, but if you want to see more then let us know)

Buy! Giant Biscuit Cake Moulds

Giant biscuit baking moulds from
Silicone baking moulds

You may have read all about the work we’re doing to establish our silicone mould business.

Now here’s your chance to buy the exclusive giant biscuit cake moulds.

So if you like Custard Creams, Jammie Dodgers, Kit Kats, Oreos, or Party Rings have a look here for the latest offers.

All products are brought to you by


Browse photos from the midlife.

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