Jammie Dodger cake complete

Making a fantastic Jammie Dodger cake is easy, just follow these steps!

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Novelty silicone cake moulds are a great way to make fantastic cakes for friends and families. The Jammie Dodger biscuit has an interesting history (read here) and remains a firm favourite in the UK and beyond. Making a cake that recreates this iconic design is a great way to spend some time with your kids, especially if you’re trying to keep them entertained during the holidays (or during the Coronavirus lockdown).

Read on to see how our illustrious baking team made a delicious cake using a Moldyfun silicone cake mould!

Steps to making a Jammie Dodger cake

Jammie Dodger cake mould pre-greasing

After receiving the mould and putting it through the dishwasher, we greased it with melted butter and used a tablespoon of flour to lightly flour the mould.

You can use a spray to grease the mould if required.

The moulds are non-stick, but greasing does help get the cakes out without breaking.

Jammie Dodger cake in Moldyfun cake mould before cooking

We used a basic Victoria sponge mix following the creaming method. We mixed 280g butter with 280g caster sugar until light and fluffy. Then we beat in 4 large eggs. Once mixed together, we folded in 280g of Self Raising flour.

Once the Jammie Dodger cake mould was filled we placed it on a baking sheet and placed it in the oven on 180o C.

Jammie Dodger cake in mould, fresh from oven and before cooling

The mould is a good size and would easily accommodate more mix if you need a bigger cake, but remember to adjust cooking times accordingly.

It’s a good idea to place the mould on a baking tray for a bit more stability when you get it out of the oven.

After 25 minutes we removed the cake from the oven. To check whether the cake was ready, we inserted a skewer to see if it came out of the cake clean (i.e. no raw cake mix stuck to the skewer).

Jammie Dodger cake from oven, and cooled

We allowed the cake to cool for 5 minutes in the mould, before carefully turning out onto a cooling rack.

The detail was just like the biscuits. Time to start getting hungry…

Jammie Dodger cake gas jam put in

Once cooled we cut the Jammie Dodger cake in half and covered one side with raspberry jam.

We then sandwiched the cake together and added extra jam to fill the heart on the top of the cake.

Jammie Dodger cake complete with biscuits after using the Moldyfun cake mould

And here’s the result.

A Jammie Dodger cake that looks just like the real thing.

As an additional novelty serve the cake alongside the biscuits to compare just how closely the cake and mould match!

The mould went back through the dishwasher, and squeezed into the cupboard ready for another day.

Jammie Dodger cake complete after using silicone cake mould, with slice ready for eating

Obviously the best part of making a Jammie Dodger cake is eating it.

Tea anyone?

Cakes that look like biscuits

There you have it. The Moldyfun range of exclusive biscuit moulds allows you to create cakes that look just like your favourite biscuits. The range includes the Jammie Dodger, Custard Cream, Kit Kat, Oreo, Bourbon and Party Ring.

Also check out our other blogs for histories of the biscuits – something to impress your kids with while you bake.

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