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I hate PowerPoint with a passion. What can I do?


I am rubbish at PowerPoint. My slides always have clashing colours or boxes that don’t align, and look like a ten year old has done them compared to other people’s. Is there anything else I can use to make myself look more professional?

Marvin’s answer:

Unfortunately in today’s workplace, if you don’t use PowerPoint you’ll be seen as a freak. Some companies are now trying different media, but PowerPoint artistry is what drives businesses forward and people’s careers upwards. Slides that look like their ten year old has done them will always compare unfavourably with the slick, colour co-ordinated ones of a real PowerPoint artist and your career will suffer as a result. Never mid the content, never mind the thinking that may of gone into them, in today’s world it’s all about the look and feel.

My suggestion is to get skilled in smart art, themes and in taking other people’s slides and templates and re-hashing them with your own words. Just be careful when you’re presenting to say “I might have borrowed this..” as there’s bound to be a smart-arse artist in the room who will shout “That’s my slide!” if you don’t.

PowerPoint is risk free. Having lots of slides suggests hours at the PC, slaving on behalf of your business. However if you want to grab attention make a video instead. Just don’t get it confused with any ‘personal’ use ones from your phone. Or is that just me?


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