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I’m completely exhausted at work following some nights out. Can I go off sick?

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I’ve had a really tough time recently. I was out drinking and then went straight into a mega busy week at work. Now I’m exhausted at work and need to catch up on some sleep. Wouldn’t it be better for the business if I just took a couple of sick days to recover? I would then be back to my bouncy best. Trouble is, I think it would make me feel guilty.


Marvin’s Answer:

I have a lot of sympathy for people who are overworked. Duvet days are part of American folklore and could work here to help re-energise the masses.

Exhausted at work
Exhausted from drinking?

However this sounds a little more self-inflicted. Obviously I like a small sherry myself, so I completely understand the grogginess of a work day hangover and being exhausted at work.

This gets even harder as you enter middle age. The difference is, when I have had the occasional self-inflicted excess, I do take it upon myself to turn up the next day. Once there I smile, drink copious cups of coffee and eat several Mars Bars. I might not be productive, but I am demonstrating that I can burn the candle at both ends, value my work colleagues and am honest about the way I am feeling.

Properly exhausted at work?

Unless you are really poorly, I would drag your sorry self into work, follow my steps above and then sneak a quick nap in a quiet meeting room. No one will be any the wiser, work will admire your commitment, your colleagues will admire you stamina and in the grand scheme of things will people really notice if you’re slightly less productive than yesterday? I doubt it.

Save yourself the guilt for something really serious. Overdoing it and then hiding under your duvet is simply not a good use of your time or conscience. Get back into that office!

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