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I’m thinking of taking cannabis for pain relief. Is it a good idea or fantastically stupid?

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I’ve been suffering in recent years from stiff fingers. They really hurt in the mornings and sometimes I struggle to bend them. Someone suggested taking cannabis instead of paracetamol. Would that help my pain or simply make me high?

Yours, P

Marvin’s answer:


Unfortunately I’m no doctor so can’t give you medical advice. However, just to be clear, are you thinking of smoking cannabis or talking about cannabis oil? One (the latter) is readily available in high street health shops, while the other usually comes from a dodgy looking bloke at the back of the pub.

Smoking cannabis will definitely take your pain away, but might also get you arrested if you drive to work just after indulging. Cannabis oil (CBD) on the other hand might not work (apparently the effects are not proven) but will at least give you a fighting chance with your boss in the morning.

Cannabis doesn't cure all
Neither CBD or cannabis can fix everything

I haven’t tried cannabis, on account of my naturally sunny disposition and therefore not requiring the high it gives. If I do need something to make me happier, I find cake does the job.

As for your stiff fingers, you could try some simple finger stretches each morning. Hanging weights on them can also help stretch the tendons. Or at least that’s what my wife tells me when she adds another ring. Her fingers are never stiff.

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