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Should I dye my grey hair?

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I saw a photo of myself recently and was horrified by how grey haired I was. And it’s not just the hair on my head. Greyness is sprouting from everywhere and I think it makes me look older than I am (47). Should I dye it or leave it?

Thanks, KC

Marvin’s Answer:

KC, I went grey at 30. I used to ask the barber to cut the grey bits out but they gave up in the end. Since then I have grown used to looking like John Major from Spitting Image, with unsightly hairs sprouting at unfortunate times and in unfortunate places. If you’re lucky, people will think you look distinguished and even sexy for an old bloke. That has got to be better than people looking at you thinking you’re some kind of sex pest, trying to pull young girls with your bulging wallet and dark locks.

Grey hair
Go grey gracefully

No, go grey haired gracefully. Before too long the wrinkles, shuffling gait and bulging waistline will be far more important factors in the showing everyone you’re past your prime.

If you want to do some male grooming, you could start with a trip to the Turkish barbers which worked for me as an induction into the finer points of hair removal. Failing that, see this article on the minefield that is male midlife grooming.


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